I want to be Clark Kent

I worked for an optometrist for a few years while I was in Texas. I worked with a really great group of people, and one of the neat benefits was super-inexpensive glasses. So I have 7 or 8 different pairs, and I go through phases where I’ll wear one pair for a while, then switch to another.

I have one pair in particular that I probably wear more than any other. And it’s also the pair that I always turn to if I’m feeling blue or especially self conscious. While there are other frames that allow people to see my eyes more clearly, this particular pair makes me feel hidden. Like they protect me from the scrutiny of the world around me…I’m less vulnerable.

As I was getting ready the other morning, I decided it was a good day for hiding. As I slipped on my favorite pair of glasses, I got to thinking about my life. About how there are so many times in my life that I just want to escape. I want to extricate myself from whatever embarrassing, painful, or just plain uncomfortable situation I’m in, and slip into another identity. At one time I would have wished for a more confident alter-ego. But now it’s not so much about that. Really it’s just a desire for the ability to stop being me whenever it suits me…with the ease of something as simple as changing my glasses.