Fantasy Me…

I have become bored lately with the same old pictures I have posted on my profiles. Seeking to find a replacement…browsing the many snapshots I have stored away…I find they all have one thing in common…I dislike them.

You know how you have an image of yourself in your mind? A perception of the way you look and carry yourself. For me, this never matches the reality. In my mind, I’m just a little bit thinner…slightly more graceful. When I look at myself on film, or God forbid, a video…the image I had in my mind is like someone else entirely. How is it possible that I, who should know myself better than anyone, have such a warped perception of who I am?

I suppose it is because the image in my mind is a fantasy. It’s the me that I want to be…that I almost am, but never quite achieve. But I think I have found the solution. The artistic rendering of myself. The perfect way to portray the me that I think I am, and wish to be.

Who needs reality? Regular photographs are so overrated. And perhaps maybe by exploring the “fantasy me”…I can get a little closer to someday achieving it.