Out of Order

So, it’s officially been 2 weeks since I posted anything, which as you know were just lyrics, along with a promise for another post. I’ve had so many things swimming around in my head for a few weeks that I really do want to get out of me. But they are such a jumbled mess I don’t even know where to begin.

I found myself with a strange feeling of emptiness this afternoon that I was having a very difficult time identifying. But a little bit ago I pulled up my blog and as soon as I thought of that song I posted a couple weeks ago, I knew how to identify what I’m feeling today. I feel broken. Out of order. Like someone has removed my batteries and just left me sitting in the middle of the floor.

I suppose the fact that I used that song on my last post would indicate that this feeling has been coming on for a little while now. But it just feels like it hit me full force today.

I still have much more I want to write. But I don’t feel physically capable. I will have to pray for some divine repairs to come along, so I can get going again. Maybe then I can put into words the rest of the story…

Oh, but hey. Positive thing…I’ve been smoke free for 4 weeks. 🙂