Phase Two begins now.

As of today, I have been smoke-free for 8 weeks. I believe the hardest part is behind me. Now, when one of those really crappy days comes along…and I just want desperately to have an outlet…something to distract me from the stress, and help me relax…I just have to NOT let myself break down and buy a pack.

So, I feel pretty strong in my efforts on the cigarette warfront. But what I’m weak about is my physical shape. In the same 8 weeks since I quit, I’ve also gained 20 pounds. Probably not a coincidence.

I was not skinny before. I’ve never been skinny, and I don’t intend to ever be skinny. But I don’t remember the last time I was HEALTHY. And that’s pretty sad. I’m fed up with this.

I’m fed up with the fact that my feet, my knees, my back…they all hurt ALL the time. And I know it’s because of all the extra weight I’m carrying. I LOVE to shop. But I’m fed up with HAVING to buy clothes all the time, because the ones I just bought a month ago are too small. This is ridiculous.

I refuse to continue gaining weight. I refuse to go up yet ANOTHER clothing size. This ends here. I WILL live my life in a way that I can be happy with. It’s time for Phase Two in “Sarah’s quest to get her life in order” to begin.