Long overdue

Well, it’s now been over a year since I blogged last. I’ve been meeting to post for months. And I still don’t have time to do a proper post right now, but I just can’t let any more time go by before I at least post something.

Well, let’s see. Since my last blog post, I joined Weight Watchers and lost about 22 lbs. I got off the plan when I got the stomach flu a couple months ago, and have since gained about 15 back. And now I’m struggling to get back on it.

I am still smoke free….it’s been 14 months now. Woo hoo! 😀

And I suppose the other major change in my life has been meeting John. We’ve been dating since April now, and he is pretty much my favorite person these days. 🙂

I’ll try to get around to posting a bit more often, and hopefully will sit down for a proper post before long…