even longer overdue

I love how I always have the best of intentions. I want so desperately to be successful and please other people. But very often I disappoint myself. Well, in September I said I was going to try to do better about posting regularly. I guess every six months would be considered a regular schedule. But I am posting tonight from my handy, dandy new iPhone app, so maybe I’ll find time for a little post now and then. That way all of you people that don’t read my blog can now not read posts from wherever I happen to be when the mood strikes me.

I changed up the design. I was tired of looking at the old one on the rare occasions I actually signed in. I thought the new background was nice and springy. 🙂

So I’m still dating John. He’s great. His kids are great. I keep waiting for them to figure out what a total dork I am and get rid of me. But I guess i’ve still got them fooled. One year ago yesterday, I first winked at John on Match.com. I think the sweetest thing was that John is the one who told me what the date signified. He still has the email notification. Is that just too sweet or what?