So, this is not so much a continuation of yesterday, because I want to avoid complaining. But for information’s sake, I didn’t manage to get a flight last night. AA sent me to the Econolodge for the night, and booked me on a flight at 6:30 am.

It was about midnight when I got to bed, and I had requested a wakeup call for 4:00, so I’d be ready for my taxi at 4:45. I didn’t sleep very well, partly because I was afraid of oversleeping, and partly because I was mentally composing my letter to American Airlines.

When I finally gave up on sleep and got up early, God convicted me AGAIN for having a bad attitude. So rather than continuing to dwell on everything that has gone wrong, or rather, has not gone according to my plans, I am going to focus on all of the things I have to be thankful for.

•Since I didn’t check my luggage, I had all my stuff with me. Including pajamas, my toothbrush, and clean underwear! (Mom would be so proud.)
•I had a bed to sleep in last night, and a hot shower this morning.
•I was able to get an earlier flight today than I was initially told I would be able to.
•The pain I was having in my hip the last few days has subsided.
•I get to look forward to spending a couple days with the sweetest man and coolest kids I know.
•Said sweet man is expected to have chocolate waiting for my arrival.
•I have had the ability to blog from my phone, which always helps me to sort out my thoughts and look at things logically.
•My plane is getting ready to board! 🙂

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