Moving Forward

In Celebrate Recovery, I learned that if I’m not growing and moving forward, then I’m actually regressing or moving backwards. There is no sitting still, so I should always strive to keep growing and keep my momentum moving forward. I’m trying to keep this in mind as I contemplate the issues with my health. And I have to look at each tiny step as progress.

I did get a call from the hematologist’s office this week, and I am scheduled for my consultation on December 18th. I will be glad to get that done and find out what’s next, but I’m choosing to believe that the fact I’m not scheduled for a few weeks means that I don’t have anything serious. Otherwise they’d be fitting me in sooner.
I returned to the dentist yesterday to finish the cleaning they didn’t have time for before my root canal last week. I’ve been having a little pain the last few days so they took some more x-rays and the dentist took a look again. It turns out I need another root canal, so that is scheduled for next Wednesday.
All in all, I know that I have much to be thankful for. I just need to keep things in perspective and keep moving forward, one baby step at a time.

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